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Firefox 3.6 killed the link properties option

March 14, 2010 John 4

If you like to know the properties of links on the sites you visit, Firefox version 3.6 is a bit lacking unless you add a link property plugin that recreates the function many of us used to take for granted.

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Fighting Scrapers Pt 1: The Email Request

January 31, 2010 John 3

When blog scrapers threaten your reputation in the search engines, you’ll eventually have to fight back just to protect yourself. Since we’re feeling like generous and nice people, we’re going to start off with some polite email requests before we start doing damage or publicly mocking the offender.

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Escalating Against Blog Scrapers

January 30, 2010 John 3

Its easy to ignore most scrapers, but once in a while they get their act together and figure out how to rank with stolen content. Here are the basic steps to fix that kind of mess.


The fight against SPAM never ends

January 18, 2010 John 3

I love promotion – even self-serving marketing efforts! But that doesn’t mean I’m willing to tolerate a bunch of noise on my sites, especially at the risk of losing reputation and authority among readers and search engine ranking algorithms.

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As bad as it gets, it gets worse

November 25, 2009 John 2

I won’t hesitate to write some personal junk here, because it seems like I won’t be able to get back on topic until I get over the personal problems.

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200 Posts and Stuff for the Readers

November 14, 2009 John 7

A look back on the last 100 posts and 11 months. Comparisons of the site’s revenue, traffic, and SEO statistics between now and after the first 100 posts.

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On Broken Windows and Blog Comments

October 12, 2009 John 7

Once spammers get their foot in to the door of your comment section, they will attract more of their kind and give confidence to those who think they can score a spammy link from your blog. One way to cut down on the noisy submissions is to ensure that they never show up – not even for a minute!

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FTC: Big Threats and no Guidance

October 5, 2009 John 1

The FTC is making a whole lot of waves, but the ruling is symbolic and unclear. Not only will enforcement be next to impossible, but the guidelines themselves seem to ignore the realities of online marketing.