The fight against SPAM never ends

January 18, 2010 John 3

I love promotion – even self-serving marketing efforts! But that doesn’t mean I’m willing to tolerate a bunch of noise on my sites, especially at the risk of losing reputation and authority among readers and search engine ranking algorithms.

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As bad as it gets, it gets worse

November 25, 2009 John 2

I won’t hesitate to write some personal junk here, because it seems like I won’t be able to get back on topic until I get over the personal problems.

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200 Posts and Stuff for the Readers

November 14, 2009 John 7

A look back on the last 100 posts and 11 months. Comparisons of the site’s revenue, traffic, and SEO statistics between now and after the first 100 posts.

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On Broken Windows and Blog Comments

October 12, 2009 John 7

Once spammers get their foot in to the door of your comment section, they will attract more of their kind and give confidence to those who think they can score a spammy link from your blog. One way to cut down on the noisy submissions is to ensure that they never show up – not even for a minute!

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FTC: Big Threats and no Guidance

October 5, 2009 John 1

The FTC is making a whole lot of waves, but the ruling is symbolic and unclear. Not only will enforcement be next to impossible, but the guidelines themselves seem to ignore the realities of online marketing.

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How to Earn a Trip to Akismet’s Spam Land

September 23, 2009 John 3

I try to be patient with comments and even reward valuable ones, but when the line gets crossed, Akismet is there to spare myself AND other legit bloggers from the annoyance of awful comments.

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Avoid Bad Links in Blog Comments

September 10, 2009 John 1

Bloggers need to keep a close eye on the comment links they allow to be published. Bad links can reflect poorly on your sites, for both surfers and search engine bots alike.

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Brothers and Sisters, Can You Spare a Link?

July 21, 2009 John 0

Economic and generational cycles have impacted the world of blogs significantly in the last few years, and we seem to be building walls around ourselves in an attempt to protect the remnants of a faded ecosystem.

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Nofollow does not Conserve Pagerank

July 20, 2009 John 2

Not only is nofollow unable to fight spam and messing up the value of links on the web, its not even conserving pagerank like most webmasters thought it was. Matt Cutts recently shocked the SEO world by announcing nofollow destroys link juice rather than conserving it and keeping it internal.

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FTC to Regulate Blog Posts?

May 27, 2009 John 1

The Federal Trade Commission is talking about blogs – specifically paid posts, free incentives from product producers, and how the government fits into protecting the consumer from their own lack of research.

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100th Post – Blog Statistics

December 15, 2008 John 4

100 posts is a great milestone, but there’s a lot of ways to measure success. Let’s take a look at the evolution of Website Building Biz and where it stands today

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Brainstorming to Beat Writer’s Block

November 4, 2008 John 0

Feel like you’ve run out of things to blog about? Writer’s block can be a big problem for bloggers as it threatens to disrupt the flow of new posts, new links, and new traffic. Also, the subscribers of your RSS feed may get bored at seeing no new updates and free up some space in their readers.

Use these brainstorming tips to beat writer’s block and get back to the content creation this internet business requires.

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FriendFeed or LifeStream?

October 31, 2008 John 1

Why I’m avoiding FriendFeed and promoting instead. A little bit about liveblogging from a marketing perspective and why you can’t afford to ignore the development of this newest form of social media.