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Do you need a new web host? Are you considering Hostgator and want to know more about what they offer?

Read on! With multiple levels of hosting service available, webmasters and hosting re-sellers can pick the best plan for their hosting needs.

If you need just a single domain, Hostgator has an affordable hosting option designed just for you – if you need reseller capabilities of a fully dedicated server, they’ve got a plan for that and everything else in between. In the spirit of full disclosure, I’d like you to know that I am both a customer and affiliate of Hostgator’s – so I’ve got some real experience working with them on both sides of the business.

Let’s check out the various plans and hosting levels available with this popular hosting brand:

Hostgator Shared Accounts

All shared hosting accounts get unlimited disk space and bandwidth.  See details on every Hostgator shared plan here or read the summary here:

Hostgator Hatchling Account

The Hatchling level account is a perfect solution if you just want to host a single domain name.  The plan is cheap at $4.95 a month, but its fairly limited in terms of flexibility and options.  Unfortunately, Dedicated IP addresses and Private SSL certificates aren’t available – but its still a good choice for personal blogs and other non-commercial sites.

Hostgator Baby Account

The Baby account is a bit more expensive at $7.95 each month, but you can addon as many domains as you want to register – and host them from a single Hostgator hosting account.  Dedicated IP addresses are available for an additional $2 a month, and SSL is also optional.  A site on a Hostgator baby account can run basic business functions no problem.

Hostgator Business Account

The actual shared hosting business account is like a fully upgraded Baby account – all the bells & whistles.  You’ll get the dedicated iP and SSL for free, and they’ll even give your business a 1800 number that your customers in the U.S. can reach you at.

Hostgator Reseller Plans

If you want to host your own site – and sell hosting to your own customers and clients too – then a reseller account is what you need.

Although these are a bit more expensive, you can easily make your money back by selling off partitions of your server allocation.

Unfortunately, Reseller plans don’t offer unlimited disk space and monthly bandwidth.  Fortunately, you can share what you get as much as you want – for any price you want to offer.

All reseller accounts do get unlimited databases, FTP accounts, and email accounts – so you won’t have to worry about those.

Reseller Aluminum

  • 24 GB disk space
  • 250 GB bandwidth
  • $24.95 per month

Reseller Copper

  • 40 GB disk storage
  • 350 GB bandwidth
  • $34.95 per month

Reseller SIlver

  • 60 GB
  • 500 GB
  • $49.95 per month

Reseller Gold

  • 80 GB
  • 600 GB
  • $74.95 per month

Reseller DIamond

  • 100 GB
  • 700 GB
  • $99.95 per month

Hostgator Dedicated Servers

If you’re running a high traffic, dynamic website – you may need to upgrade to a Dedicated Hostgator account.  Although unlimited sites are unmetered for storage and transfer, they can still run into problems with CPU run time.  With multiple domains on a single machine, there are some natural limits to shared host processing that can be hard to put into quantifiable numbers.

Dedicated Basic

  • 1 GB RAM
  • 250 GB Hard drive
  • 1,500 GB Monthly Bandwidth

Dedicated Standard

  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2x 250 GB – Dual Hard Drives
  • 1,500 GB Monthly Bandwidth

Dedicated Elite

  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2x 500 GB Dual hard drives
  • 2,500 GB Bandwidth

Dedicated Pro

  • 8 GB RAM
  • 2x 500 GB dual hard drives
  • 2,500 GB monthly bandwidth

Don’t forget the Hostgator Coupon!

Hostgator coupon and promo codes are also available so you can save even more money on the quality hosting services provided.

  • Use GREEN to get 20% off the initial cost of any hosting registration (register for longer to save more money!)
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There’s no catch to signing up with a coupon – just copy your favorite code and insert it during the registration process.  Click here to sign up – You’ll save instantly!

Are you ready to get started in the web biz?  Do you know which Hostgator plan is right for you?  Click on the gator to sign up today – and your website can be up before you know it!


  1. I enjoyed reading your HostGator Review. I’m hosting a site with them myself and so far no complaints.

  2. Very interesting article. Hostgator has really great technical support, unlimited storage space, various package prices, bandwidth and proper server performance. I don’t like cPanel, so I didn’t like their customer panel. As for me, it is too difficult as for a beginner user. I am overwhelmed by the vast range of available functions. I personally use that package prices could have been lower.

    Most functionalities are also already offered by competitors. Application installation with one click, cheaper package prices, mail assistants.

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