New Anhosting Coupon – 25% off in Fall 2009

Just a quick update, the Anhosting coupon page has been updated with the latest coupon code available.

25% off Anhosting during September, October, November 2009.  The coupon is:


If you’re signing up for a hosting plan with Anhosting, be sure to take advantage of this coupon to save 25% on any new purchase.  Depending on how long you register an account for, you can pay as little as $5.21 or $6.71 per month.

That’s some serious hosting for just a few bucks a month – or pennies a day! With hosting cheaper than its ever been, its easier than ever to build a site or two that earns back more than you’ve paid out. In fact, its not even that hard to cover all of your bills if you’re as cheap and frugal as I am.

While I haven’t personally tried out Anhosting yet, this brand is near the top of my list for hosting providers the next time I’ve got some extra cash lying around and a new idea for a domain.  At the moment, I have a few too many domains on the same account so I will probably be redistributing them among a few more hosts for the purpose of maximizing the number of IP addresses and unique server locations pointing back to my primary sites.  (Shh!)

Have you hosted your sites with Anhosting or their partner brand, Midphase?  Share your experience here or let us know about other coupons and discount codes available in 2009!

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