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SEO – The Reality is Staggering

September 25, 2009 John 5

How do we learn what really works in SEO, and can we handle the reality of the situation when its staring us in the face? Its time to get busy building links like you’ve never done before…

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Forum Registration is Temporarily Disabled

September 24, 2009 John 2

If you’re trying to sign up for the forum, don’t sit around waiting for a confirmation email. The current server set up won’t ever actually send it 🙁 For now, you’ll just have to wait and participate on the blog!

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How to Earn a Trip to Akismet’s Spam Land

September 23, 2009 John 3

I try to be patient with comments and even reward valuable ones, but when the line gets crossed, Akismet is there to spare myself AND other legit bloggers from the annoyance of awful comments.

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Musicians vs Industry in UK Sharing Debate (and some free music too)

September 16, 2009 John 0

The file sharing debate is heating up in the UK, with musicians lining up on both sides of the controversial plan to restrict internet access for those caught downloading and sharing unauthorized music files. In response, I’m giving away some of the songs my own band recorded “Back in the day.”

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Avoid Bad Links in Blog Comments

September 10, 2009 John 1

Bloggers need to keep a close eye on the comment links they allow to be published. Bad links can reflect poorly on your sites, for both surfers and search engine bots alike.

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Follow-up rant: Digg nofollow ignores site’s problems

September 9, 2009 John 0

Digg’s latest move to make upcoming story links set to “nofollow” won’t do much to address the problems with the site. It certainly hasn’t done anything to improve the quality of upcoming links… Instead, the front page is controlled by a few users and a few domains – and if you happen to become popular with submissions from outside of the white listed sites you may be at risk for a ban.

Heineken Ad

Does your ad really make the sale?

September 3, 2009 John 0

What is the intent of your advertising campaign? Do your ads make the sale, or bring in questions from potential customers, or does the point of the message just get lost in the delivery?