Dreamhost promo codes for $100 off 2 year plans


In addition to the regular Dreamhost promo codes that are available year-round, there are also some limited edition coupons you can use to get a better than usual discount on shared and VPS hosting plans.  There’s been some recent changes though in regards to what these coupons actually provide, so I wanted to make sure that all the deals offered here are up to date and the discounts are as big as possible!

The following twelve-digit promotional code is good for $100 off any two-year Dreamhost hosting plan:

Now, as I mentioned, these codes only work once so as soon as someone signs up with it no one else will be able to unless I manage to get some new codes posted ASAP. And I’m usually pretty good about that so chances are these coupons are still good when you’re reading this. (Last updated & confirmed: July 11, 2012)

What did change suddenly and kind of caught me off guard is that these Dreamhost coupon codes aren’t quite the same as they used to be. When the 12-digit coupons were first created, they were designed to give discounts on plans that were 5 or 10 years long. Well, now a days the economy isn’t that good so who can afford to sign up for a five year hosting plan? That’s a long time out in the future and who knows what kind of hosting your sites will need after a half or whole decade of growth! So the new discounts are a bit lower all in all, but you only have to sign up for two years to get the full $100 savings. Hopefully, this makes a more useful discount for more future customers!

Of course, even two years might be too long of a commitment as well.  Considering that, the code could be used to get $15 off a one-year plan, or you can check out the other promo codes that will waive the setup fee ($50 on monthly accounts) or provide a larger cash savings on one-year plans.  Just remember though, the 12-digit codes are the best promotional offer currently available – and they’ll give you a whole $100 off the price of two years of hosting if you act fast before someone else does!

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