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Blogging is dead – long live blogging!

March 30, 2010 John 1

Blogging isn’t quite as easy as it used to be, but the online economy still provides a ton of opportunity to those who truly love to write and produce content on a regular schedule. could leave Twitter in the dust

March 29, 2010 John 5

As a content management system, the platform has a few advantages that can leave Twitter in the dust. While its unlikely to become the single largest public platform, the future of micro-blogging is actually likely to be found in niche communities of like-minded members.

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Reddit Mod Can’t Escape Controversy

March 19, 2010 John 1

If you thought that being outed as a marketer would be enough of a conflicting interest to cause moderators to be banned or at least demoted, then you’re wrong! Despite the backlash and fallout, Reddit’s most infamous mod is still trying to use her authority position to promote links and ban complaints. Does it all work out in the end? Of course not!

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Firefox 3.6 killed the link properties option

March 14, 2010 John 4

If you like to know the properties of links on the sites you visit, Firefox version 3.6 is a bit lacking unless you add a link property plugin that recreates the function many of us used to take for granted.


Dreamhost promo codes for $100 off 2 year plans

March 6, 2010 John 0

There have been a few changes to Dreamhost’s limited editional promotional codes. Instead of requiring five or ten year commitments, the maximum discount of $100 can be applied to hosting plans as short as two years long.

Marketers as moderators

When Marketers become Moderators

March 5, 2010 John 4

Taking on a powerful moderation position in a popular social website might seem like a dream gig for an online marketer, but the consequences of such conflicting interests can also backfire in a really crushing way.