Cyber Monday Hosting Deals – Dreamhost Coupons and Bluehost Holiday Sales

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It’s starting to look like people have had enough of the crazy crowds, because NPR is reporting that Black Friday sales are down this year. At least in stores.

“Cyber Monday” is a great alternative to Black Friday – a holiday I’m glad to not celebrate. You can skip the lines and the chaos in the stores and get right to the best deals for the exact products and services you want – not the ones that happen to be in stock and on display and on sale.

Anyway, let me share some deals with you for the next big online shopping day:

Dreamhost Cyber Monday Coupon for 2014

CyberMonday2014 – This coupon code will give you $80 off any one- or two-year hosting plan with Dreamhost. It is a limited time offer, and I can’t say exactly how long it will last, so be sure to take advantage of this ridiculous discount while you can!

That adds up to one year of hosting for $39.40, or less than $3.29 per month. Even a blog dedicated to photos of your cat could probably pull in that kind of advertising revenue, so there’s really no good excuse to put off building that website you’ve been thinking about!

Click here to activate the CYBERMONDAY2014 coupon at

Bluehost Special Holiday Pricing

Also this weekend, Bluehost will be offering shared hosting services for just $3.49 a month. It’s a pretty similar service and a pretty similar price, although I do like Dreamhost just a little bit better because they have great VPS integration for that inevitable day when your websites get too successful for discount hosting plans.

More great places for the latest deals

Don’t need more hosting plans right now? Not ready to start that website project? Well, just about everything you can imagine is on sale this CyberMonday and there are quite a few places to keep track of the deals. has a great forum section with constant updates – all you have to do is type the product you’re searching for in to the search bar, and you’ll get a chronological listing of all the online stores that have it on sale. With online retailers like Amazon using one-hour lightning sales to push the biggest price cuts, it’s a great way to stay in the loop.

And here’s hoping to a great holiday season! 2015 is right around the corner and we have a great opportunity here to secure the foundation for another great year. Heck, we can get all the presents we want and never set foot in a mall! Welcome to the future, and happy holidays!

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