Maybe your website’s niche sucks

Daily on webmaster forums I hear people asking the predictable question: Why is my cost per click so low? Why is my adsense earning so low? How come I don’t make any money from all this traffic and my ads?

Chances are if you have high traffic and very low adsense earnings (especially a low CPC) you have a terrible niche! Sure, it might be easy to get a lot of hits for celebrities or MP3s, but this isn’t necessarily the niche that is going to pay well for qualified leads.

The key to successful adsense publishing is recognizing quality, in-demand keywords and writing unique content that stresses these keywords. The content should answer the questions that a searching internet user is likely to be asking themselves, and provide an introduction to the commercial services and products relevant to the topic.

What are the good niches? Well, they are the same as the things that people spend a majority of their income on. Real estate, cars, investment, education, medicine, business start-ups, website building, and some niches of technology. Its no big secret, these are the things that people spend more of their money on so this is what the advertisers can afford to pay more on.

Google provides the keyword tool for Adwords advertisers, but its useful for Adsense publishers as well. Of course, write about what you love, but take some time once in a while to remember what sells in that field. If you’re interested in websites and e-commerce, think about the SEO and hosting services that people might pay good money for.

CPC can vary even within a small niche, so being specific helps. If you’re still having problems getting a good advertising rate, you may have an issue of smart-pricing… More on this later, but not from personal experience (knock on wood)

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