First Law of Investment: Diversify!!!

What’s true in the financial markets is true in the website building business, too.

Diversify your holdings!

It might be tempting to pour all of your time and resources into a single website, and it might even be a good idea if you’ve really come across the next big thing. But how will you know it is the next big thing, and do you really expect to develop a super-hit on your first try?
Owning and developing multiple websites have several advantages:

  • Domain names, content, and backlinks each appreciate over time
  • Sites can be cross-linked for SEO purposes
  • Cover multiple topics of interest while keeping each domain focused
  • Offset seasonal traffic variations or sudden shifts in the advertising economy of a particular subject

Disadvantages can still exist like:

  • Constantly feeling like you haven’t done enough for one site or another
  • Leaving potential gold mines undeveloped or under-developed
  • Losing focus and getting almost nothing done at all

Ultimately, it could be a personality preference. I say, start a website ASAP and then start another one the next day, too. Keep good records of what you need to work on and search out related blogs and forums where you can get relevant do-follow links for each domain. Write articles at the point where two websites’ subjects intersect – then include optimized backlinks to both domains.

Do you have any experience running one or more websites? Do you wish you had built more when you started, or do you perhaps wish you had just focused on one or two more prominent projects? Let me know what you think!

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