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Website Building – A Blog about the Business

Welcome to, a blog and forum community focused on all aspects of building websites and doing business in an online environment.

About the Website

Website Building Biz is currently organized as a blog with eight categories. Each category is an essential component to the business of building websites:

Website Hosting

How does a website get started and what physically connects the digital content to internet users? This is the job of the website hosting service. While it is technically possible to turn any internet-connected PC into a web server, I'll focus on the commercial services provided by dedicated teams of technical specialists. How do you decide what you need and how do you find the best deal? Its all answered here.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

How does one build websites without hand-coding and programming everything themselves? These days, content management systems or CMS provides less-technical webmasters an alternative to building interactive and dynamic websites just like the one you're reading right now. CMS also includes internet forums, social bookmarking websites, and most of the internet content platforms we use daily.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How do search engine users find a website? The SEO category is designed to help new webmasters understand some of the basic concepts and more advanced subtleties involved with search engine optimization. While I'm no expert, I do have a few years worth of bumpy ups and downs I can share.

Internet Advertising

How does a website make any money? The answer usually involves some type of advertising, either to related websites or to related products. This section is all about the types of website advertisements, how to generate more revenue on your site, or general online business news that provides insights for the would-be webmaster.


What exactly is a blog and why does it seem like everyone has one? At the basic level, a blog is just a quick and easy way to build a website that can conveniently be updated with new content. As a bonus, blogs are also really good about communicating with other websites and creating networks of links to related authors.


This section includes the latest headlines and analysis of online and more traditional businesses. If you're wondering about how the economy is doing or how big name brands are adapting to an ever-changing financial environment, check out these business posts.

Law & Politics

The internet isn't a completely lawless frontier - at least not anymore. Increasingly, laws and government policies are aimed at regulating the behavior of webmasters and ISPs. While these articles are no substitute for legal advice in the case of a lawsuit, some knowledge of recent laws may help avoid the need for expensive legal counsel and protracted court battles.

Hosting Coupons

If you're in the market for web hosting, then you should definitely check out this section of hosting coupon and promotional codes. Many hosting companies provide discounts and other competitive deals in order to win your business, so be sure to take advantage of this and save some money on any new hosting purchases.

Hosting Reviews

Is a host right for you? Even if the price is great and the coupons are tempting you to sign up, a hosting provider may not be the best brand to fit with your website's business plans. Read reviews of some popular hosts who offer shared hosting, VPS, and even dedicated servers for your domains.

Social Media

One of the biggest trends in new internet technology is the increased integration of social elements and the rise of social network hubs. Learn more about the evolution of media and how society has responded to changes in technology and read accounts of how social media can be used to promote your site's content while being aware of the potential pitfalls commonly associated with social marketing.

My Experience with Online Business

I have now been online making sites for about three and a half years, and I've seen hundreds of thousands of visitors across multiple domains come and go. I'm not going to tell you that you will easily and quickly make a lot of money, but just by writing about topics that interest you and acquiring good backlinks, you will easily be able to recover the extremely low costs of hosting that are involved with starting a miniature web empire. Of course, some people work full time on e-commerce and make a nice living out of it. Programmers and application developers can make millions, but you don't have to know any coding language to turn your hobbies and interests into a few extra bucks each month. In fact, the greatest part about modern internet publishing is the Content Management Systems. This is typically free software that can be installed on the hosting company's servers, and once installed, allows the website owner to quickly publish new articles and customize the look, interactivity, and content of their web domain. Did I mention that HTML and programming knowledge is a nice bonus, but completely not required? Stick around for a while and feel welcome to ask questions if you're having any doubts or confusion about your next step in the Website Building Business.