Google’s Internet: When Google sneezes, it creates a storm

I have been working at this website building business for about six months now, but since before then I’ve been working for a website and occasionally working on e-marketing. Content development was my main project, and its just in the last year or so that I’ve really paid attention to how those articles and pages get to the users who need to see them.

What I’ve learned is: Google owns the internet. Or at least it thinks and acts like it does.

Its not Google’s fault, its just the nature of its success and “internet weight.” Imagine Einstein’s curved space-time. A web page’s weight is like its mass / density and it warps the very fabric of existence all around it. Google just happens to be big enough that almost everything else has fallen into orbit around it.

Google isn’t like a black hole, because outputs almost everything it gets – and it has a near-infinite supply of fuel as the word “google” will soon be considered standard diction. “Honey, what’s the escape velocity of our sun?”
I don’t know. Google it.

In the last few months, the internet world has been shaken out of its peaceful co-existance – no – reliance on Google’s rays of traffic to sustain the economies that thrive. Google has had two big sneezes that seem to have changed everything: its approach to blogs and the “no_follow” attribute; and its approach to paid linking.

Of course, its not the end of the universe – its just a new internet order.

Don’t get too used to it, of course. Google might sneeze again tomorrow.

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