Google loves content

I know this for sure. Even if Google doesn’t like ranking my favorite pages on the top of their SERPs, they always show up within minutes to read it.

I guess you could say that the google spider bot is my most loyal reader, always up to date with my latest post in minutes, no matter what page I’m posting on!

I’m not sure if Google knows quite what to do with me yet, and I think they’re pretty upset over all those rel_nofollow tags I have pointing at me, like some sort of sign or guilt or shame (think alternative search results vs. the main category).

I guess the top of some chart is better than nothing, but where is the traffic? Chirp chirp – 100 here 100 there, but those numbers don’t impress me now that I’ve been getting them for months.

Well Google you win. You get more content. More pages and more thoughts squeezed from my mind like a sponge at crazy hours of the night.

If you write it, if they link it, Google will come. Just avoid the “no_follow” like the plague.

The best way to put this idea in to practice is to write what people want to see. If your content is unique and useful and written for human eyes, it will be received better by the people placing the links that create the ultimate editorial support for your website or online presence

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