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Omnis Hosting

Omnis Network Web Hosting is a relatively low-profile website host that is more well-known for its reliability and high quality service than its promotional strategies. I’ve done a lot of research and read a lot of reviews to find the next best shared web hosts out there, and Omnis ends up near the top of the list every time.

Omnis hosting coupon

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Omnis is a shared hosting company, and a fully accredited ICANN domain name registrar. In addition to high quality hosting at a cheap price, they offer cheap domain name registrations starting from just $7. This might be a little higher than some other specialized domain registrars, but that’s a dang good price for registration from a shared website host.

Omnis has been around for a while, and they’ve established themselves as a reliable and quality provider of website hosting services.

But as always, make sure you do some research and read some reviews for yourself. No one knows better than you exactly what you’ll need to turn your website plans into a business reality and every host has features and limitations that may affect you differently.


  1. Haha I tried this code from 3 years ago and it’s no longer valid. It’s a shame though because 20% off is a great discount.

    I’m looking for some high performance cloud-based host where my website can burst for a surge in traffic. Omnis Hosting was cheaper and it could have gotten even cheaper 🙂 I’ll look around for some more coupons.

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