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Google Considering Internet Search Version 2.0

August 30, 2008 John 0

Some popular social bookmarking websites like Reddit may offer the best clue to the future of search engine optimization and SEO techniques. What is it all ultimately about? Content that the users want to see!

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Shared Hosting is kind of like Fractional Reserve Banking

August 26, 2008 John 0

Maybe there is a problem with overselling at some companies who take shared hosting limits too far, but the very concept of shared hosting and even our fractional reserve banking system kind of hinges on the ability of the provider of the service to “oversell”

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Local News can Survive Online

August 25, 2008 John 0

A lot of local newspapers are going under as they face higher advertising and business competition – but if they adapt to new technology, new business models, and new concepts of syndication – the local newspaper publishers can still grow

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True Costs of Free Web Hosting

August 15, 2008 John 2

The true costs of free web hosting services. Even without a dollar cost, trusting your web to free hosts can be a risk and inconvenience