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FriendFeed or LifeStream?

October 31, 2008 John 1

Why I’m avoiding FriendFeed and promoting instead. A little bit about liveblogging from a marketing perspective and why you can’t afford to ignore the development of this newest form of social media.

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Why Blogs Conquered the Internet

October 28, 2008 John 0

It should be no surprise that blogs came to dominate internet activity and search results. In the originally popularized blog form, they were a source of link and personal networking with no rivals – and a method of interaction that was information and easy.

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Use htaccess 301 Redirects to Fix Broken Links

October 26, 2008 John 1

If you’ve got a website that’s been around a while, chances are you’ve got some old outdated links pointing to pages on your website that don’t exist anymore, or have been moved. Always make sure to use 301 URL redirects to “fix” these broken links, or if you ever need to rename or delete an old page.

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Internet Bubble 2.0 – Yahoo and Abrite

October 22, 2008 John 0

Is there a Bubble Version 2.0 popping? It probably won’t be as severe as the first internet bubble, but Yahoo and Adbrite are showing us that the coming round will be about saving costs and raising profits – not about insane investment deals and lavish executive salaries

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Blogging – The Quickest Way to Build a Website

October 21, 2008 John 1

Want to build a website but you think it might be too hard, confusing, or just time consuming? Blogs are the quickest and easiest way to build a new website from scratch. Don’t worry about the technical issues too much – just be sure you have some fresh and unique content to offer.

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Millennials and Website Advertising

October 21, 2008 John 0

Millenials are a huge demographic in the online world, but they can be skeptical and cynical of advertising. Is it overexposure to marketing or simply a lack of disposable income? Here’s how to deal with the biggest generation to go online.

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Add Value for your Customers

October 20, 2008 John 1

Why it is important to add value for your potential customers – how to stand out in a crowd of internet advertisers and marketers. Generate conversions by thinking about the customer and not the sale.

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The Benefits and Problems of Blogging

October 18, 2008 John 0

Why build a blog for your website? Or why should you build a blog as your main website like I’ve done here? Learn more about blogging by reading the benefits here.