Reported Dreamhost Coupon Problem – Can’t Change Promo Codes at Signup


Apparently, a user signing up for Dreamhost encountered an issue where the signup page would not let them modify the promo code.  Usually, step five of the registration includes a field for coupons and discount codes, and to take advantage of the savings you just need to pick your favorite Dreamhost coupon and input it in the proper field.

Unfortunately, as of September 12-13 of 2009, it seems as though the field cannot be edited.  Instead, whatever coupon was included in the link you clicked through is saved into that line and you can’t just get rid of it by clearing cookies or manually changing it.

The solution then, is to make a link with the coupon you want to use:|

At the end of the cgi?| add the code.  ie:|thecodeyouwant

Copy and paste that link, then simply modify it to include the promo code you wanted to use when you signed up.  If you click on a link from my coupon list, it will automatically populate the code you selected, so you’ll need to use this if you change your mind after clicking and decide you want to use a different discount.

With the work-around available, this issue is at most a minor annoyance, but I still hope they get it straightened out sooner than later.

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