Bluehost Discount – Low Prices in July 2009


If you’re in the market for shared hosting services, now is the perfect time to sign up for a year or two at Bluehost with drastically reduced prices.  Although Bluehost is worth every penny of the regular cost, its an even better deal when you can get a one or two year hosting plan for just $3.95 a month.  I have no idea how long the discount will last, but as of July 6, 2009 they’re advertising the special price.  (I wouldn’t count on this deal lasting too much longer!)

What do you get with Bluehost?  Check out my Bluehost review – or just consider that this site is one of about a dozen that I’m currently running on a single shared account with them.  If you want to check out speed and reliability, just open up a few links on this site in multiple tabs, and you’ll see how quickly the server responds.

If you’re a beginner to the webmaster scene, don’t worry.  Bluehost offers SimpleScripts that make installing a dynamic website a breeze.  And if you’re a pro, they’ve got you covered too.  BH gives you full control over your files, .htaccess, multiple domains, etc…

Now, website security is going to be your own responsibility until you’re looking at managed & dedicated hosting beyond the $100/month range.  I can say though, that Bluehost was extremely helpful and prompt when it came to helping me sort through my own security nightmare.  A lot of hosts would just delete accounts & domains that had become compromised, but the folks at Bluehost helped me out and got me back online when I got the site secured.

Anyway, be sure to check out BH and sign up now before the great $3.95 deal expires.  There’s no telling what inspired them to slash prices and there’s no saying when the offer will run out!

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