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Brothers and Sisters, Can You Spare a Link?

July 21, 2009 John 0

Economic and generational cycles have impacted the world of blogs significantly in the last few years, and we seem to be building walls around ourselves in an attempt to protect the remnants of a faded ecosystem.

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Nofollow does not Conserve Pagerank

July 20, 2009 John 2

Not only is nofollow unable to fight spam and messing up the value of links on the web, its not even conserving pagerank like most webmasters thought it was. Matt Cutts recently shocked the SEO world by announcing nofollow destroys link juice rather than conserving it and keeping it internal.

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Nofollow Bookmarking Heats Up the Aggregator vs Content War

July 17, 2009 John 0

Content writers have increasingly threatened legal action against aggregators, and nofollow is a significant part of the widening rift. How does a legitimate social bookmarking site differ from a content scraping system? How is the traffic faring for those who balance the interests of content writers versus those who don’t?

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Digg and Youtube Dropping IE6 Compatibility

July 15, 2009 John 0

Despite some high profile websites dropping compatibility support for IE6, chances are most of us will be stuck designing for it a while longer unless we want to give up a large chunk of total traffic volume. Who uses IE6 and why is it such a source of frustration for designers? Learn more about the nightmare browser here…


Bluehost Discount – Low Prices in July 2009

July 6, 2009 John 0

Save money on Bluehost shared hosting with a special limited time price – no coupon code or extended purchases required. From now until whenever they decide to pull the plug, you can get Bluehost’s high quality shared hosting services for just $3.95 a month. If you need hosting, this choice is a no-brainer.

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Can Courts Protect Old Media from Web Technology?

July 3, 2009 John 0

Judges are active defenders of copyright laws – and even advocates of expanding the laws and making examples of offenders. How far can the government takes its crusade against the information revolution, and what part are judges and lawyers organizations playing in the conflict?