Governments Imagine Easy Cash Online – Want Internet Money

New York and California are could be among the first places on earth to attempt placing a tax on internet transactions that can be traced back to their state.

I can’t help but think back to a particular episode of South Park:  Canada on Strike

Canada decides they don’t have enough money, so they’re going to stop working until someone gives them some of that easy internet money.

When the South Park kids realize their favorite TV show is stuck in reruns until the strike is solved, they set out on their own mission to earn the internet money Canada demands. They create an offensive yet hugely popular viral video, and go to the place internet stars wait for their fortunes.

Unfortunately, content alone isn’t a complete business model. At best, traffic is proof of potential, or “theoretical dollars…”

The story’s conclusion contains a lot of good points about business and money online…

…but I can’t help but notice that just one year since the episode originally aired, South Park has put every single show online. Are they trying to earn theoretical dollars or have they just realized that the low-cost distribution for the content they already gave away on TV will help to drive DVD sales and boost advertising rates?

Of course, if you’re a fan, don’t forget South Park’s most recent economic satire. This episode is not just timely, its an instant classic!

By the way, I guess this post doesn’t have too much about the actual taxes that inspired me to compose it in the first place. When I stop laughing, that will be one of my next tasks!

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