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Shared vs Unique IP on Shared Hosting – Initial Results

April 23, 2009 John 6

About a week and a half after transferring my sites to a unique IP address, the immediate SEO results have been significant. Here is a summary of the results I’ve seen so far and some more information about obtaining a unique IP address for shared hosting accounts.

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Digg Cleans Up SEO Mess

April 23, 2009 John 0

I mentioned in the last post about Digg’s adventures in content framing, and specifically about how these changes were affecting search engine indexing. After just a few weeks of publisher outrage, Digg finds a way to keep their frame while keeping publishers placated.

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Digg Gets into the Content Theft Business

April 4, 2009 John 4

Digg goes beyond link sharing to outright content theft. Will the new toolbar help generate revenue or alienate users and force publishers to get their pitchforks out? I vote for pitchforks!

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Shared Hosting – Your Experience May Vary

April 4, 2009 John 0

At a large shared hosting company, different customers are likely to end up on difference machines. Since each machine has its own neighbors and quirks, it is worth studying multiple perspectives on the quality and common problems associated with a particular hosting brand.