Building Websites is the Cheapest Way to Work from Home

Someone is always trying to sell a work from home program, and why not? A lot of people would like to work from home. Maybe you’ve got health or dietary issues like me, or maybe you’ve got kids around, or maybe you simply hate that hour you spend each way in the commute every day. There are a lot of reasons to work from home but the problem is that a lot of these supposed job lists and work from home employment services just want a large sum up front with no guarantee for actually finding you a job.

The best solution I’ve found is to invest in some domains and website hosting.  Regardless of whether or not you know how to write websites from the technical end, the important key to making money online with your own sites is being able to write content.  These days, there is so much content management software available that actually building the website’s structure is a matter of installing a script.  From there, new content of any media can be added quickly with an easy-to-use browser-based interface.

There’s just a few things you need to keep in mind before quitting your day job:

  • Website revenue isn’t guaranteed
  • Traffic is hard to get
  • If your visitors don’t buy, you won’t get paid well
  • A lot of people are willing to take your money for vague promises of success in return

Have I scared you away yet? No? Good!

If you’re looking for a few extra hundred dollars a month to make ends meet, building websites is an ideal solution for you. The up-front cost is mostly limited to hosting and the time you invest. Since some hosting providers offer free services, you can even skip paying a penny out of pocket.

Now, there are good ways to make money with PPC and other investments into your website business, but a good goal for the start is to make some cash without spending cash you can’t afford to lose.  As the months and years go by, you may then find that you’ve got enough online income to scale back some working hours or even tell your boss that you’re finished.

If you are ready to quit your day job, you’ll need to have some cash saved up to build yourself a launching pad.

For example, I started with about 10 times my monthly expenses in savings and monthly website revenue of about 1/10th my monthly expenses.  After 10 months, about half of the money in savings was still there because I was able to dedicate a full time effort toward building up my blogs, forums, and social bookmarking sites to a higher level of income.  While I still don’t make quite enough to pay my bills and enjoy some extra consumption, the launching pad continues to extend itself as revenue comes in to offset the expenses.  10 months becomes 16, and at 16 there is still many more months to go even if every penny of my online revenue vanished.

As soon as revenue passes expenses (and I’m talking about everything from the mortgage to my morning  coffee)  the business has officially launched and its starting to fly.  If you expect to take off like a rocket – from standing still to outer orbit in a few minutes – you will probably be very dissappointed.  But remember, even a clumbsy plane can fly if it has a long enough run way to build up speed!

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