nofollow is evolving in March 2020

15 years later, nofollow still hasn’t stopped spam

February 28, 2020 John 0

Nofollow was originally intended to fight spam, but it’s main effect has been to contribute toward a shrinking and more shallow internet. As of March 1, 2020, that trend is reversing and nofollow is evolving in to something better than what it was.

global equities sell off in response to coronavirus

Coronavirus – and fear – is infecting the global economy

February 28, 2020 John 0

Global markets are selling off frantically as coronovirus (COVID-2019) spreads around the world. While the vast majority of cases are likely to be mild, the infection has also shown an ability to cause enough serious cases to overwhelm local medical systems and disrupt global supply chains.

SSH protocol

How to enable SSH on a Raspberry Pi

February 23, 2020 John 0

SSH makes connecting to and accessing your Pi easy and secure. Learn how to set up remote administration and control of Linux servers and Raspberry Pis.

LAMP stack software

What is a LAMP stack?

February 20, 2020 John 0

Ever wondered what LAMP or a LAMP stack is, exactly? Here’s a brief explanation of each software component – Linux, Apache, MySQL, & PHP – and how they work together to create a light weight web server.


Dreamhost pricing and account options

February 12, 2020 John 1

Dreamhost offers a lot more than just shared hosting, these days. In fact, all of the available choices can be a little disorienting! We’ve distilled the basic account options and calculated the pricing you can expect from a new Dreamhost hosting account. Click here to learn more and sign up today!