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Remember, 1099-Misc is NOT a W2!

April 15, 2010 John 4

Make sure to double check the numbers on your income forms: the difference between a W2 and a 1099-Misc can make a big difference in how much you owe.


The worst part of spam…

April 10, 2010 John 0

Other than general annoyance, what is it that truly makes spam more of an evil than an inconvenience? I’ll let you in on the most frustrating behaviors I’ve seen and the downsides of an otherwise effective SEO strategy.

Pligg Content Management System

Fixing Pligg after a Server Move

April 3, 2010 John 0

A recent move across servers at my Dreamhost account left a few Pligg sites non-functional. Of course, for this particular error, implementing the solution was a lot simpler than actually finding the answer.

Wordpress Software

Modern 2.0 WordPress Theme – Updated with dynamic sidebars and homepage

April 1, 2010 John 0

Ever found a great Wordpress theme, but it was too old and outdated to put to use without major edits? Well, if you’re a fan of Modern .9, you’ll definitely want to check out this 2.0 version of the Modern Wordpress Theme, ready for 2010 with dynamic sidebars and a home page that mixes static content with the excerpts from your latest posts.