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In 2010, they expect you to pay for news

February 22, 2010 John 0

More newspapers are planning a shift toward premium and paid subscriptions for online content – but why do they expect anything to be different now that customers have even less discretionary income available?

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California legislature wants to tax affiliates

February 21, 2010 John 0

California is in big financial trouble, and one of the brilliant ideas of their failing government is to begin imposing taxes on any company that employs affiliates in their state. Physical businesses have already been fleeing California, so will the digital ones follow suit now as well?

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The Taxman is Watching Independent Contractors

February 19, 2010 John 3

Tax compliance teams are focusing specifically on independent contractors and other types of contingent labor – and that means that the tax returns from your websites could be under extra scrutiny in the next few years.