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A Fond Farewell to Geocities

October 25, 2009 John 1

Geocities will be shutting down this week after many years of providing a free hosting service. Sites like these helped influence the evolution of the internet toward a more social media, and as such, it will be missed by myself and many of the others who used it as a platform for early web experiments.

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Business Weather Forecast: COLD!

October 24, 2009 John 0

Any green shoots economists had spotted have frozen over by now. Economic news continues to disappoint and many government programs have delivered underwhelming results compared to what was initially implied.

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Know Your Limits? I Don’t Seem to Know Mine

October 15, 2009 John 6

There’s only so much ambition and hard work you can fit in to a 24 hour time frame. Sometimes its good to reflect on the limits of your time and where priorities are assigned. Hopefully, I can get away with a bit less sleep for a while 😉

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On Broken Windows and Blog Comments

October 12, 2009 John 7

Once spammers get their foot in to the door of your comment section, they will attract more of their kind and give confidence to those who think they can score a spammy link from your blog. One way to cut down on the noisy submissions is to ensure that they never show up – not even for a minute!

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SideWiki – Hardly Worth Writing About

October 7, 2009 John 1

Google SideWiki has been hailed as everything from a revolutionary approach to web democracy or an evil scheme to maximize pageviews. In reality, its a bunch of noise and nearly useless comments that doesn’t seem to attract much activity.

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FTC: Big Threats and no Guidance

October 5, 2009 John 1

The FTC is making a whole lot of waves, but the ruling is symbolic and unclear. Not only will enforcement be next to impossible, but the guidelines themselves seem to ignore the realities of online marketing.

Advertising with Controversy

October 2, 2009 John 2

Americans are often afraid to advertise with controversy – and with good reason, considering the Puritanical roots of its nation. But this is the internet, and that means advertising to a more global audience… Sometimes the best way to be remembered is to create a controversy.