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Anything you tweet can and will be used against you in a court of law

A judge upholds Twitters claim to own your tweets, and this ruling is already being used to present social media records in criminal prosecution. Unfortunately, this is far from the only attack against online freedom of speech.

Godaddy pretty much sucks

Godaddy faces customer exodus over SOPA support

Godaddy has taken an unpopular position on a controversial piece of proposed legislation, and the result is a massive grass-roots exodus and boycott against their hosting and domain registration services. While the support for SOPA is enough of a reason in itself to avoid doing business with Godaddy, there are plenty of other controversial political positions and shoddy customer service problems that make this boycott a good idea.


Feds “accidentally” shut down 84,000 websites

The federal government shut down tens of thousands of websites this week – and the owners of the effected domains are just starting to realize the damage and trying to recover.


Remember, 1099-Misc is NOT a W2!

Make sure to double check the numbers on your income forms: the difference between a W2 and a 1099-Misc can make a big difference in how much you owe.


Google bails on China – Here is what you’re supposed to report

Google is officially taking its business out of China – and the Chinese government wants us to report about the situation according to this list of guidelines.


Liability of website owners on the rise

Governments around the world are cracking down and holding website owners and employees responsible for all kinds of unpopular and controversial content.


California legislature wants to tax affiliates

California is in big financial trouble, and one of the brilliant ideas of their failing government is to begin imposing taxes on any company that employs affiliates in their state. Physical businesses have already been fleeing California, so will the digital ones follow suit now as well?


The Taxman is Watching Independent Contractors

Tax compliance teams are focusing specifically on independent contractors and other types of contingent labor – and that means that the tax returns from your websites could be under extra scrutiny in the next few years.


Australia vs Anonymous in Internet Censorship War

Politicians in Australia intend to move ahead with their plans to filter and control the types of content available online, but not everyone is just sitting around and letting it happen.


Musicians vs Industry in UK Sharing Debate (and some free music too)

The file sharing debate is heating up in the UK, with musicians lining up on both sides of the controversial plan to restrict internet access for those caught downloading and sharing unauthorized music files. In response, I’m giving away some of the songs my own band recorded “Back in the day.”


The anonymous internet is long gone

Think your blog is anonymous? Think again. The era of internet privacy is long over, and revealing an online identity may be a simple cost-benefit analysis.


Health Costs and the Competitive Edge in Business

Lost in all of the health care screaming is how important this issue truly is to the competitive ability of American businesses. The current system is not only unsustainable, but also a poor investment for employers and employees alike. Of course, the political types and certain investors have a lot to gain from a high cost, low return program.


Can Courts Protect Old Media from Web Technology?

Judges are active defenders of copyright laws – and even advocates of expanding the laws and making examples of offenders. How far can the government takes its crusade against the information revolution, and what part are judges and lawyers organizations playing in the conflict?


FTC to Regulate Blog Posts?

The Federal Trade Commission is talking about blogs – specifically paid posts, free incentives from product producers, and how the government fits into protecting the consumer from their own lack of research.


Governments Imagine Easy Cash Online – Want Internet Money

South Park’s take on internet fame, making money online, and wealth by legislation is not just hilarious, it has some valid points that web publishers and governments should take into consideration.


Australia Wants Webmasters to Play Big Brother

Webmasters in Australia could face big fines if they go against government policy in linking to banned sites. The scary part is, some sites are political in nature and critics are crying censorship!


Intellectual Property Law – Does it Help Writers and Bloggers?

Everyone who writes or publishes works to the internet has to deal with content theft, scraping, and plagiarism… But is modern American intellectual property law an effective defense or an unnecessary burden?

Google Adsense

Google and Yahoo Cancel Advertising Deal Amid Government Fears

While a lot of advertisers and publishers had been excited about a planned joint venture between Google and Yahoo, the expansion of the advertising network is indefinitely suspended as talks break down amid fears of government intervention


Politician Runs Out of Excuses – Blames Bloggers for Low Popularity

Blogging is a great way for people with political opinions to reach their target audience and engage a discussion – so why are unpopular politicians blaming the technology instead of embracing it?