On-Page Seo – and SEO Planning

Get good content, link to the content, and then add some more content!

This is a little snippet from another site of mine, JacksonvilleSEO on Blogspot, and I want to write down what I’m thinking about it while its on my mind. “Good content” is pretty open-ended and I would define that as effective at answering the visitor’s questions, and using proper elements of On-Page SEO.

I’ve only been at this for a short while, but I can get some decently converting traffic with targetted long-tail keywords that are about 3 or 4 words long. I don’t have many links, article & directory submissions haven’t been a priority, and yet you are somehow reading this wondering about On-Page SEO and SEO Planning.

Well pay attention, because the search engines have decided this is what you’re looking for. Look at the essay you’re reading and pay attention to the use of formatting and keywords. I want it to be clear to my readers, and the search engine spiders, what the intent of these words to be. This means:

  • Identifying keywords
  • Using bold & header attributes on keywords
  • Explaining concepts related to the keywords

SEO Planning – Google Keyword Tracking Tools

Let’s take a look at Google’s Adwords Keywords tool and consider the ultimate keyword: SEO. I’ll order it by search volume instead of ad competition because right now I’d rather build a reader base than quickly convert a few dozen clicks into pennies. It looks like there is a decent pocket of traffic in the “SEO Young” phrase so I will make the next long-tail SEO attempt here and consider my specialty: SEO in a Young Website. (notice I’ve added in a reference to my domain that is likely to be searched as well.)

The main term I have to emphasize is this: “On-Page SEO

This page is a great example of the first phase of on-page seo: Using the words and the formatting of your page to make sure the search engines know exactly what it is about. There are meta-tags and addons that can help you out if you’re using a CMS like WordPress, but I will need to discuss at a later point in time.

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