Another PageRank Update – Does it Matter?

Google’s pagerank values are in the process of being updated, and many webmasters are seeing changes in the PR number attached to their sites. Does it matter? Yes and no.

Page rank in and of itself isn’t going to bring in traffic. It is quite possible to have a high PR web page that only ranks for terms that no one searches for. SEO specialists will say again and again: “Only SERPs matter” and its true. But can you really get top SERPs on a site with no pagerank? Probably not.

Basically, pagerank is a value of the links pointing to your website. Search placement is more related to specific anchor text coming from related pages and optimized keywords on page and in URLs, but if all other things are equal, it seems like the higher page rank should win out.

Pagerank is also good for a sense of accomplishment and knowing that you’re heading in the right direction. If your site had a numeric rank one day and it drops to zero the next, you should be aware that something has gone wrong with your SEO strategy and figure out what needs to be fixed ASAP. For me, I saw all my domains tick up a point or two ( is now PR 2 after several months of lingering at zero!) so its a helpful reminder that things are on track. Even if they’re slower than I’d like 🙂

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