Upside of The Economic Crisis – Cheap Hosting Deals

If there’s ever an upside to an economic crisis, its the sudden and rapid drops in prices that can occur.  Anyway, if you’ve got any money left this can be a good thing.

If you’re looking for hosting, this is a great time to be shopping.  Not only are the hosting providers ready to cut prices and make new deals, but having a few websites can really help earn some extra cash when times are at their toughest.  I won’t say that making money online is particularly easy, but with a bit of patience and dedication it is absolutely possible.

Omnis Network Hosting

Omnis is now offering 20% off any new hosting purchase, check out this new Omnis coupon:

20% off of your Web Hosting purchase with the coupon code: 20percent

Remember, the Omnis coupon is 20percent – and it does exactly what it says, it gives you twenty percent off the cost, no matter how long or how many domains you’re signing up for!


Limited Dreamhost coupon (1 left!): 882564958942

And I’ve also still got this one Dreamhost coupon that is good for as much as $200 off if you’re registering for a 10 year plan. Its $150 off if you’re signing up for 5 years – just about $50 a year for five years of shared hosting.

Use the code when you’re signing up or just click this link right here to automatically copy that coupon code into the registration page. Now, there’s just one left right now, but it might be possible for me to get some more of these invitation codes from Dreamhost after they’re all used up again. They tend to be distributed in groups of five, so if there are any left I’ll be able to share some more soon after this one is used up.

Got Any Deals?

Let us know in the comments section if you’ve got a hot tip on some great hosting deals.  I’m sure there are a lot more discounts out there that I haven’t heard of yet but not everyone is slashing prices just yet.  Hosting isn’t exactly a consumption purchase, its much more of a small scale investment in broadcasting infrastructure.  That’s how I justify my costs anyway, by making more than it costs!

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