Some Amazon servers were down for 24 hours, but they’re finally back

Amazon Cloud Hosting

It looks like the cloud got hit by a mountain, or something, because some of Amazon’s servers have been down for almost twenty four hours by now.

For a whole bunch of websites relying on their services, that means a whole day of down time! I might have to keep that in mind as a baseline for the next time I’m writing up some hosting reviews.So far, the sites I know of that have gone down include Reddit, Foursquare, and HootSuite. Did I mention that Twitter is having a problem updating completely, but I’ve got no certain word on whether or not that is related.

Yeah, so Reddit is down for twenty four hours now.  This is hardly the first time Reddit has had server problems, but I guess you don’t have too many choices when you need to deliver millions of dynamic pageviews every day.  Anyway, not having any new stories on Reddit, and not being able to get in to any conversations meants a whole lot less distraction and a whole lot more studying about Twitter and trying to be active on it. Did I mention that Twitter is having its own problems with updating completely? I’ve got no idea on whether or not that is related…

I was also supposed to be doing some contract work for another website, but they were caught up in the mess as well.

What did you do with your Amazon day?  Take a nice walk in the park?  Go out for a nice meal?  Now I’m starting to think of all the things I should have done instead of staring frustrated at a half-functional internet!

I sat here working anyway, and for the entire time they were offline apparently… By the time I clicked publish, the servers were back online.  Now excuse me, because I’m headed back to Reddit for my fix!

Here’s the response already up at the top of /pics/

I don’t mind the ads on reddit, but I sure as hell won’t be clicking this one.

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