C# Player's Guide

The C# Player’s Guide: a review

December 29, 2020 John 0

Are you looking for a book to help you learn C#? The C# Player’s Guide by RB Whitaker helped me learn everything I needed to know to start producing complete Windows applications – but there are some limitations to this book, as well, and more advanced users might be interested in a more advanced guide.

Etsy homepage December 2020

How and why to set up an Etsy shop

December 21, 2020 John 0

If you’ve got a small handcrafted or individually designed product for sale, it probably makes sense to set up a shop and get it listed to Etsy. While the fees can add up, Etsy provides a solid platform for novice and experienced ecommerce professionals. It’s unlikely to replace your own ecommerce sites in the long run, but it provides a great starting point and supplement to any online business.