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Fixing the WordPress 302 Blues

August 26, 2009 John 2

The use of 302 redirects by Wordpress can lead to undesirable search indexing consequences. Luckily, there’s an easy to use plugin that will immediately convert all redirects to 301 http header codes.


Does Google Hate Affiliate Marketing?

August 22, 2009 John 4

Does Google hate affiliate marketing, as some search writers claim? It may look that way, but it seems like what Google really dislikes are websites that act as middle-men without adding any value to the transactions they profit from.

The anonymous internet is long gone

August 20, 2009 John 1

Think your blog is anonymous? Think again. The era of internet privacy is long over, and revealing an online identity may be a simple cost-benefit analysis.

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SEO Killed Internet Democracy: The Republic of Authority Reigns

August 20, 2009 John 2

Internet democracy has fallen to the same forces that often make it an unstable political system. Will the new republic deliver the content that surfers want without making the web too predictable? How can webmasters and SEOs adapt to the constantly changing world of online promotion and traffic building?

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Keyword Competition Analysis – Paid Links vs Social Bookmarks

August 20, 2009 John 4

August 2009 – Google’s latest algorithm seems to disrupt long-standing search results and the quality of the SERPs is in question. When analyzing the top spots for some of my target keyword phrases, I’m slightly surprised to find that paid links seem to dominate and social bookmarks drag URLs down.

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Health Costs and the Competitive Edge in Business

August 16, 2009 John 2

Lost in all of the health care screaming is how important this issue truly is to the competitive ability of American businesses. The current system is not only unsustainable, but also a poor investment for employers and employees alike. Of course, the political types and certain investors have a lot to gain from a high cost, low return program.

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The Media’s Dilemma – Mass Exposure vs Exclusive Distribution

August 16, 2009 John 0

Media producers are being forced into choosing between two things they once took for granted: mass coverage and control over distribution. The new economic reality of online content reshapes some fundamental relationships in the business of content publishing, and adaptation will be the key to surviving this economic re-alignment.

Dreamhost web hosting

Dreamhost adds Adwords coupon and Free Trial

August 10, 2009 John 0

Dreamhost introduces a few new incentives for new users: a completely free trial period and $75 worth of free Google Adwords clicks. Read more about the promotional offers here and be sure to check out the services for yourself.

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The Perils of Popularity

August 3, 2009 John 2

At the entry level, hosting is cheap and websites don’t require a whole lot of resources to deliver content quickly and reliably. If a site crosses over into extreme popularity, that can change quickly and the costs will spike as quickly – or even quicker than – the revenue.