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Indexed and Ranking Again

June 30, 2009 John 0

After some downtime, URLs are beginning to get re-indexed and search engine positions are returning to their old locations. Downtime may be a big set back, but it isn’t the total end of a website’s marketing position.

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For SEO, Downtime Does Matter

June 24, 2009 John 1

The effects of downtime on SEO have been debated and denied, but there’s certainly a long term consequence for extended service interruptions.

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Vacation can be Hard

June 15, 2009 John 5

Security issues and website suspensions can happen at the worst time – Especially if you leave the country for a week or more on vacation. Here’s my horror story and how I plan to relax next time I’m going on holiday.


Dreamhost Promo – Invitation Codes

June 4, 2009 John 0

Good news – I got some more limited edition Dreamhost invitations. These promo codes can help you save $150 to $200 on a new hosting account and they’re currently the best discount you can get from Dreamhost in 2009.