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What I learned from a new SEO competitor

September 23, 2010 John 3

Watching a new competitor come in and succeed in a search phrase can be frustrating when you realize exactly how they’re rising the ranks by flaunting all the rules and quality recommendations.

Canon Camera

Finally invested in a camera

September 17, 2010 John 1

It is good to be cheap and frugal when you’re running a business or blog – but only to an extent. Don’t be too much like me though, because blogging is a whole lot easier with a nice digital camera on hand!

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Google Goes Instant

September 10, 2010 John 2

Google search results are now starting to populate before you’re even done entering the search phrase. As each new letter is added to the search box, the top websites update to the new most likely search results.

digg for content aggregation

Is Digg self destructing?

September 7, 2010 John 2

The newest release of Digg has gone online and the initial reaction has been quite negative. Will a new direction bring on a new set of users and a more viable business model, or drive away loyal long-time members?