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As bad as it gets, it gets worse

November 25, 2009 John 2

I won’t hesitate to write some personal junk here, because it seems like I won’t be able to get back on topic until I get over the personal problems.

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200 Posts and Stuff for the Readers

November 14, 2009 John 7

A look back on the last 100 posts and 11 months. Comparisons of the site’s revenue, traffic, and SEO statistics between now and after the first 100 posts.

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Beware the Keyword Cannibals

November 10, 2009 John 3

What looks like a search penalty may actually just be a case of over-optimization on supporting pages – a phenomenon known by many internet marketers as keyword cannibalism.

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There’s that brick wall again

November 5, 2009 John 5

Too many plans, too many projects, and too much effort can leave you lying in bed sick. Somehow, that doesn’t stop me from trying – and finding – my limits.