Traffic Up – Traffic Down

I’m learning a lot about the fickle nature of search engine traffic, especially in politics.

I wrote an article predicting a winner for the Michigan primary based on some inner-party legal maneuvering, and at first maybe a dozen people saw it.

Suddenly, on the day of the primary, when Hillary won Michigan, a lot of people were landing on this article from the search engines. Of course, a couple days after the election when people started looking at the next states, traffic died down again quickly.

But I think my high SERP despite a low PR shows how older publishing dates can positively affect placement.

Why pick my site over CNN or FoxNews when it came to news about “Hillary+Michigan+primary?” Well, because I had that story first.

Predictions and speculation are great when they’re right, but don’t go crazy with ’em. No one’s going to take you seriously if your predictions are constantly wrong!

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