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You might notice that things look a little bit different around here.  Ok, maybe there are a lot of differences.

The most obvious one right now is probably the new WordPress theme.  See, I had already started using one of ThemeFoundry’s themes on my personal blog, and when I went back to their website I realized they also had a great one that uses the black & blue & orange color scheme I’ve always loved for

Gotta say – I’m very happy with how it turned out.  There are free demos available for these themes, but if you want more customizable options you’ll have to shell out a few bucks for the premium version.  And there are quite a few powerful configurations available, but you’ll have to install it and check it out to really see what limitations are on the free version.  Be sure to check it out though, you can find links in the footer.

Other changes at the Web Biz:

The other big difference with is that the forum and bookmarking folder are gone.  Well, sort of gone.

The first problem was a php injection on the Pligg installation.  My Bluehost server seems to have been compromised and that gave someone FTP access to inject their nasty code all over the bookmark site.  So for now, that project is in hiatus right now.  I didn’t really want to break in to the laptop battery business either, and that seems to be the only topic that ever got consistent posting to the bookmarks submit page.

In the move from Bluehost, I also decided that it was probably best to leave the forums behind for now.  So instead of attaching them to a folder of this domain, I bought a new domain for that and left it hosted back there.  I’d like to keep the links one way, but if you’re looking for the Website Building Forums you can probably find it by searching for “some web forum.”

So while this site might look slick and lean again, the number of satellite projects continue to grow and time keeps getting stretched thin.  I can’t even fully track them myself, but I’d guess it is about 25 domains over 5 IP address originating in 3 states.  So far so good!

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